Is this Challenge open to international submissions?

Yes, respondents from around the world who have innovative health-focused technologies that are either intended for use in space or which utilize some aspect of the space environment for ground-based usage are welcome.

What makes a good response?

A good response is one that shares a compelling mixture of non-confidential information both technical and business. Additionally, the response should share an engaging narrative about your company, your technology and your aspirations for both. As the evaluators will represent a variety of functions, present a high level overview of the technology, your plans for it, and your plans for the company. The overarching goal of your response is to attract the attention of the evaluators and to make them want to learn more about your company and your technology.

If your technology has multiple use cases, select the strongest, most compelling one and focus on it. All of the information you share in your response should be tightly aligned with that use case.

If you have multiple technologies, consider submitting multiple responses: one for each technology. That way, you’ll be able to give each technology the attention needed in order to create a compelling response.

Can I submit more than one response?

Yes, absolutely. 

Why is BryceTech running this program?

BryceTech believes that advances in both medtech and the commercial space industry in general, and medtech as a part of the commercial space industry in particular, have resulted in a plethora of advancements and new technologies. BryceTech wants to support those founders and startups by facilitating connections which can assist in the commercialization of those technologies.

Through this program, BryceTech can assist startups in the establishment of crucial networks as well as facilitating connections to potential clients, in public and private sector organizations.

Is my technology in scope?

As long as your technology is health focused and is either intended for use in space or which utilizes the space environment, BryceTech is likely interested in seeing your submission.

Can BryceTech support my academic research project?

The goal of this program is to provide support to founders and startups operating at the intersection of health technology and the commercial space industry. As a result, responses which are exclusively focused on academic research projects are outside the scope of the program. That said, responses from academics are still welcome if there are plans to spin the technology off into a standalone company. Academic researchers are strongly urged to consider how they might establish a startup to commercialize their technology.